Hi, I’m Sebastian Carewe. I am a font engineer and type designer currently based in Lille, France.
Initially from Berlin, Germany, I studied interface design and focused on type design under Luc(as) de Groot. After studying Italian language and literature for a year, I moved to Porto, Portugal, to work as a font engineer at Schriftlabor for one year. Owing to my passion for languages, I am currently studying linguistics in Lille.
I publish scripts and plugins for Glyphs and various other code on my Github. I pride myself in a most comprehensive type design skill set ranging all the way from drawing to the nitty-gritty final production work. Equally balancing drawing, tool creation and production has enabled me to inform each of these fields to develop a highly efficient workflow which compromises neither quality nor adaptability.
Aside from type, I have a broad background in music, with a keen interest in music theory, acoustics and the piano (jazz and classical). I spend my time speed-skating in winter and on my bike in summer. I can solve a Rubik’s cube in nine seconds, but can’t tell you the point.